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Canine Behaviour Specialist Program

One on One guidance for the student

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This course is designed as a one on one mentorship program for the student working in the field of dog training.  

Prerequisite:  Students need to have been working with clients for at least one year.

It is recommended, but not required, that the student complete the Dog Behaviour and Training Course

prior to taking the Behaviour Specialist Program.

In addition, the student must be actively conducting behavioural consultations with their own clients, in order to attend the course.

These consultations will be part of the curriculum and will be discussed during the course.  The student will be required to attend consultations with the instructor as well as provide opportunities for the instructor to observe the student working with their own clients.  The program also consists of specific topics with lessons.  Lessons will be live lectures via Zoom, along with practical handling with client dogs or shelter dogs.

  A student who has not attended the Dog Behaviour and Training course before enrolling in the Canine Behaviour Specialist course will be required to complete an assessment before acceptance into the program.


  • Causes of behaviour, goals of treatment for behaviour modification

  • Behaviour Counselling Process, conducting a behaviour consultation

  • Diagnosis and prognosis of behaviour problems, general treatment and follow up

  • Reivew of DS,CC, Classical Conditioning, timing, reinforcers in behaviour modification

  • Essential first steps and protocols of behaviour modification

  • Diagnosing and classifying behaviour problems

  • Understanding different types of aggression including subtypes

  • Causes, management and treatment of aggression

  • Creating a treatment program based on behaviour evaluation

  • Assessment and treatment of fear and anxiety

  • Assessment and treatment of phobias, and compulsive behaviour in dogs

  • Pharmacology intervention for behaviour problems

  • Student - led in home consultations

  • Instructor -led in home consultations

  • Practical handling of client dogs

  • Practical handling of shelter dogs

Black Dog
Module 2: Canine Behaviour Problems

Other Details

Maximum number of students- 1

This mentorship is one on one with the instructor and is custom designed to the needs of the student.

A prospective student must have been working within the field of dog training for at least one year and be actively working with clients during the mentorship.

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