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Canine Behavior Specialist Level 2 Curriculum

School Was Never so Much Fun

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This Level 2 course is custom designed and can be tailored to the needs of the student. It includes an intensive mentorship as part of the curriculum as well as participating in dog behavior consultations  with clients.

Module 1: Intermediate and Advanced Obedience

Private versus group training and workshops. In-kennel training versus in-home training, lessons plans for advanced private obedience and group training. Proper use and function of advanced training equipment, off-leash obedience training, proofing and performing obedience commands with distractions. Working with multi-dog households, training deaf dogs, practical handling, training and behaviour problem solving with shelter dogs.
Module length: 12 hours

Black Dog

Canine Behaviour Problems

Basic dog anatomy, health issues that can contribute to behaviour problems; skin disorders, parasites, viruses, hip dysplasia, etiology and assessment of behaviour problems in puppies, etiology and assessment of behaviour problems in adult dogs, diagnosing and classifying aggression problems, understanding different types of aggression, causes, management and treatment of aggression problems, clicker training in behaviour modification, safe handling techniques for aggressive dogs, assessment,  management and treatment of fears, phobias, anxiety and compulsive behaviours in dogs, when to refer to a veterinarian for medication in the management of behaviour problems, creating a treatment program that clients will follow, case studies, practical work with clients and practical work diagnosing behaviour problems with shelter dogs.
Module length: 20 hours

Module 2: Canine Behaviour Problems

Other Details

Maximum number of students- 2

Schedule will be uniquely tailored to ensure students sit in on behavioural consultations.


Successful completion of Dog Behaviour and Training Level 1

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