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Dog Behavior and Training Level 1 
Next course September 28 - October 26,2023

School Was Never so Much Fun

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This course is 32 hours in length.  Total cost is $3600.

All lectures take place via Zoom.  In person classes are held at the Delta Community Animal Shelter 

See the Course Curriculum information below!

Module 1: Canine Learning Theory

What you will learn:

•   History and Evolution of dog training

•   Dog breeds and genetic behaviours

•   Classical Conditioning

•   Counter Conditioning

•   Operant Conditioning

•   Desensitization

•   Socialization, habituation

•   Luring, Extinction, Schedules of reinforcement

•   Clicker training techniques

•   Understanding dog body language


Module 2: Canine Handling and Obedience (Practical)

What you will learn:

•   Training equipment

•   Common faults in dog training

•   Basic obedience commands

•   Reactive dog rehabilitation theory and practical 

•   Behaviour thresholds

•   Long leash training

•   Intermediate obedience training techniques


Module 3: Dog Behaviour Assessment and Training (Theory and Practical)

What you will learn:

•   Behaviour and training evaluation and assessment

•   How to create a training or behaviour modification plan

•   Preventing and correcting behaviour problems

•   Diet, health, vaccinations

•   Exercise and the effects on behaviour

•   Play socialization in puppies

•   Dog to dog assessments

•   Working with clients in real life training scenarios


Module 4: Developing a Business and Designing Classes ( Theory)

What you will learn:

•   Designing group puppy classes

•   Designing group obedience classes

•   Designing private behavioural consultations

•   Designing workshops

•   How to start a business

•   Image and marketing techniques

•   Liability and protection

•   Business insurance

•   Training scenarios


“Once again, thank you for putting this course together and teaching it. I really enjoyed it and learned a great deal from it and from observing your approach.”
Guy, Level 1 graduate, April 2020

Guy Duperreault

Course Schedule

Lecture is via ZOOM.
Practical Handling is at:
Delta Community Animal Shelter (DCAS), 
7505 Hopcott Rd, Delta, BC. V4G 1B6

Fall Schedule
September 28- October 26,2023

  • Thursday September 28, 6-8:30pm, lecture via zoom

  • Monday October 2, 6-8:30pm, lecture via Zoom

  • Thursday October 5, 6-8:30pm, lecture via Zoom

  • Tuesday October 10, 6-8:30pm, lecture via Zoom    (Meeting Tuesday instead of Monday due to Thanksgiving holiday)

  • Thursday October 12, 6-8:30pm, lecture via Zoom

  • Monday October 16, 6-8:30, lecture via Zoom

  • Thursday October 19, 6-8:30pm, lecture via Zoom

  • Saturday October 21, 10-4:30,  in person practical handling at DCAS

  • Sunday  October 22, 10-4:30, in person practical handling at DCAS

  • Monday October 23- 6-8:30, lecture vis Zoom

  • Thursday October 26, 6-8:30pm,  lecture via Zoom (last lecture)

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